Mike Holt

Founding and Managing Partner

Mike is founding partner and managing director of Get2Volume. Mike Holt brings 30 years of experience in growing technology businesses and developing innovation. Mike's background ranges from incubation of technology companies to general management of large technology businesses. Mike is cofounder of ConnectedHealth, gridComm and Semitech. Mike was CEO of a venture-backed semiconductor that was acquired. Previously, Mike held engineering, marketing and P/L product line management positions at Texas Instruments and Silicon Systems. Mike is an Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD, Director of Business Angels Network South East Asia (BANSEA), co-founder and VP of Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association.

  • Focused on growing technology businesses
  • Technology and business
  • Funding and M/A

About Mike

We are partnered with entrpreneurs to grow succesful companies

Industry Expertise

Semiconductor, hardware, Enterprise Software, Healthcare

Founded/Invested In

DarbeeVision, ConnectedHealth, Semitech, GridComm, Tabsquare, Sprooki, Sentec, Sypher, Silicon Cloud

Worked For

Texas Instruments, Silicon Systems, eMicro, TransDimension

Functional Expertise

Founder, CEO, Marketing VP, Engineering

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