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Get2Volume Funds Tabsquare To Further Deploy Its eMenu System

Get2Volume and Singapore National Research Foundation Invest in Tabsquare

Singapore, January 14, 2013 - With focus on improving customer service and restaurant productivity, Tabsquare today announced it has completed its Incubation financing, raising S$589,000 and incubation support fromSingapore-based Get2volume with co-funding from the Singapore National Research Foundation. This funding will be used to further roll out of Tabsquare's recently launched restaurant eMenu system that integrates ordering and billing systems on a easy-to-use tablet-based platform.

Tabsquare's eMenu system combines cloud based data storage and reporting with integration into other restaurant systems like inventory management, CRM, & point of sale systems. This increases restaurant operational efficiency by creating cost saving and revenue enhancing opportunities like Reduced manpower requirement, higher table turns, higher order values, dynamic pricing and menu management, social marketing, and real-time customer feedback. The ability to see picture of the dishes, search for specific dishes and even order directly from the menu enhances consumer experience and improves loyalty.

"While there are many restaurant back end systems that manage efficiencies and inventory, there is little that addresses front-end efficiency management and consumer experience in the restaurant," said Mike Holt, CEO of Get2Volume Accelerator. "We are pleased to incubate and fund Tabsquare to continue to grow its cloud-based retail management system".

According to Chirag Tejuja, Tabsquare Co-founder and vice president of sales, " TabSquare's e-menu solution solves key consumer pain points like not knowing which dish to order and waiting for the staff thus enormously enhancing the 'eating-out' experience. Moreover, it has been exciting to see the productivity improvements that Tabsquare customers have achieved."