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Asia's first mobile retail system for malls and traditional retail brands

Singapore, October 23, 2012 - Scaling its "mobile first" real-time marketing system, Sprooki today announced it has secured incubation financing, raising S$589,000 and incubation support. The seed round is led by Singapore-based Get2volume , who will incubate Sprooki with co-funding from the Singapore National Research Foundation. This funding will be used to accelerate international expansion of Sprooki's proprietary location-based mobile commerce system for malls and traditional retailers.

Sprooki is Asia's first end-to-end Mobile Retail System for malls and traditional retailers. The platform incorporates the best of location-targeted alerts, mobile commerce, sophisticated campaign management tools and analytics and is designed specifically for multi-outlet retailers and shopping malls. Through Sprooki, retailers are able to promote and sell products/services to shoppers in direct proximity of the mall or outlets. At any given time of day, the system gives mall or retail staff, ability to publish campaigns in real-time, controlling, for example, the profile of the user, the location and the timing for the availability and redemption of offers.

"The traditional path to purchase is broken. Our vision has been to bring together the latest technology afforded by smartphones with the best in mobile campaign management to help retailers win more local customers," said Claire Mula, managing director and co-founder of Sprooki. "We plan to build on our initial in-market success and positive response from customers to meet strong demand from malls and retail franchises across Asia".

Sprooki has existing client contracts with a number of mall operators and national retail brands who leverage Sprooki's Mobile Retail System under their own brand and for their own customers. In Singapore, Sprooki's own branded application has a loyal user base of consumers who transact via mobile devices and pick up their products in store.

"The next phase of mobile commerce drives unique embedded systems/microelectronics centric innovation," said Mike Holt, CEO Get2Volume. "Sprooki's combination of location-aware technology, secure purchase process and mobile commerce enablement results in a better way for retailers to engage mobile shoppers. We are excited to be a part of Sprooki's next growth phase".

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