Co-Founder, gridComm

Dai Lizhou, a lecturer at the Harbin Institute of Technology, a prominent top-ranking university in China, is an expert in embedded systems and analog system design. With primary focus in embedded system teachings and research, Dai Lizhou also has several years of experience in designing and developing power line communications systems for industrial deployment. Dai Lizhou single-handedly designed and deployed the first Medium-Voltage Power Line Communication system, now widely commercialized by Langfang Gaoshan Electronics Technology Co., Ltd in China.

  • Power Line Communications, Smart Grid Expert
  • Pharbin University Lecturer (Embedded Systems)
  • Based in Harbin, China

Industry Expertise

Software, Hardware



Worked For

China Electrical Industrial 40th Research Center, Harbin Institute of Technology, Gaoshan Electrical

Functional Expertise

CTO, Engineer